Sale Timescale

Indicative Sale Timescale – This is the timescale for most property sales.

Week 1

We send out our initial paperwork which includes a written quote, our terms of service and several forms to be filled in and returned. We also require original ID documents for us to take copies from.

Week 2

Once we receive the forms we will construct a Contract Pack and send this to the Buyer’s Solicitors.

Week 3-4

The Buyer’s Solicitors will then raise any necessary enquires. We will then answer these, and may have to confirm information with you at this time.

Weeks 5-6

The Buyer’s Solicitor’s may then raise additional enquires for further clarification or for additional new information. We will answer these, and again may need to check details of the property with you.

Weeks 7-8

Once all enquiries are answered, we will arrange an appointment with you to inform you of any pertinent information and to sign the paperwork. We will then ask for suitable dates and communicate with the rest of the chain.

Weeks 9-10

Once the moving date has been confirmed we shall request a redemption figure for any mortgage for that completion date and then exchange and complete on the property. We will then redeem the mortgage and transfer the sale proceeds to you.