Purchase Timescale

Indicative Purchase Timescale – This is the timescale for most property purchases.

Week 1

We send out our initial paperwork which includes a written quote, our terms of service and several forms to be filled in and returned. We also require an upfront payment for searches to be carried out and original ID documents for us to take copies from.

Week 2

Once we have received the forms from you and received the Contract Pack from the Sellers Solicitors we shall order the necessary searches which check for, amongst other things, environmental issues, local authority charges, and utilities availability. 

Week 3

We examine the properties legal title for missing documents and request those from the Sellers Solicitors if necessary.

Weeks 4-5

Once the Search results and mortgage offer received, if needed, we examine all documents and raise enquires with Sellers Solicitors.

Weeks 6-7

Wait for replies from Sellers Solicitors, raise additional enquires if the first answer was not sufficient.

Week 8-9

Once all enquiries are answered, we will arrange an appointment with you to inform you of any pertinent information and to sign the paperwork. We will then ask for suitable dates and communicate with the rest of the chain.

Weeks 10-12

Once the moving date has been confirmed we shall request mortgage funds for that completion date and then exchange and complete on the property.