Motoring Offences

Sarginsons Law offers a free, no obligation, 30 minute consultation for all criminal matters preferably in person or alternatively over the phone during which we would assess your case including its anticipated costs and would subsequently provide a quote for you.

As every case is unique and formed of different elements the costs of representation for a summary motoring offence can vary significantly based on a number of factors such as:-

  • Location of the trial
  • Intended plea - Guilty or Not Guilty
  • Expert witnesses;
    • Forensic Reports
    • Medical Reports
    • Incident Reconstruction

Mr. Chris Bailey’s fees are £220 + VAT per hour. This includes representation in court, administrative work, and communication through letters, email or phone calls and travel costs. Mr. Bailey is an extremely experienced solicitor and has been practicing criminal law for almost 40 years, since 1980.

We will also charge you for services provided by others, called disbursements. This would be, for example, an expert witness or similar. The fees charged by expert witnesses will rise depending on the complexity of the case or the information required. This could range from £75 for a single medical report to £1000 or more for cases involving multiple reports or an accident reconstruction.

Please also note that if successful in a contested trial there is a good chance of recouping a significant proportion of your costs, which could be up to one third of your outlay.


Costs Indication

Guilty Plea in Coventry Magistrates Court            £350 + VAT

Guilty Plea at Leamington Magistrates Court      £450 + VAT

Not Guilty Plea in Coventry Magistrates Court with no expert witnesses              £1500 + VAT

Not Guilty Plea in Coventry Magistrates Court with a Medical Report and an Accident Reconstruction Report    £1500 + VAT + £900

Not Guilty Plea in Leamington Magistrates Court with a Medical Report and an Accident Reconstruction Report                £1600 + VAT + £900

For a free detailed quote tailored to your precise circumstances please call on 02476 553 381 or email to arrange an appointment.


Typical Timescale

Postal Requisition - The start of proceedings. You will recieve a notice through the post informing you of the allegation and providing a court date. This is normally 4 weeks from being posted.

If you choose to plead guilty to the allegation then you will be sentenced on the same day.

If you choose to plead not guilty then the court will adjorn to a later date for a trial. The trial will normally be a half day in court, with sentence immediately after if you are found guilty. The lenght of the adjornment varies, but 6 weeks is the typical wait.