Separation Agreements

Some couples do not want to commence divorce proceedings immediately and want to wait until they have been separated for 2 years or more. In those circumstances, they may still want to reach an early agreement regarding their financial settlement or arrangements for their children.

The terms of their settlement can be incorporated into a Separation Agreement which is signed by both parties and is the best evidence of the terms of what has been agreed and implemented. When the parties do come to divorce in the future, the Agreement would be converted into a Consent Order and placed before the court for approval. The terms of the agreement will not be legally binding and enforceable until approved by the court in an Order.

The Separation Agreement is the best means of securing the agreement reached until that time and providing there has been full financial disclosure, both parties have had the opportunity of independent legal advice and there have been no significant changes in circumstances in the intervening period, the court will generally uphold the terms of the agreement reached.

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