Family Injunctions

There are occasions when parties need to be protected from violent or harassing behaviour from their other half. In the first instance, we would always recommend that any incidence of violence or harassment is reported to the police and advice taken from the local domestic violence team as to how best to protect yourself.

It may be appropriate in some cases for an application to be made to the court for a Non Molestation and / or Occupation Order. These are orders that are intended to protect the applicant from violence or the threat of it as well as enabling them to live in their home to the exclusion of the perpetrator.

There is still legal aid available for these cases providing you meet the financial criteria, however, this firm does not offer legal aid for family cases.

If you wish to find out more about the options available in these circumstances or an initial free appointment please contact Celia Christie on 02476 55 31 81 or via email.