Failing to stop and report after an accident

Mr P was charged with failing to stop after an accident & failing to report it. Instructions from client: Mr P said that he knew nothing about the incident in which he had been allegedly involved. If that was correct this would provide him with a full defence in law. Maximum Penalty: This charge carries at a maximum a disqualification or alternatively between 5 and 10 penalty points together also with a fine of £5,000. What we did: On behalf of our client we instructed a specialist accident analyst. He undertook a full examination of our client's vehicle, that of the vehicle with which our client allegedly had the accident and the scene of the alleged accident. This was done in the company of an expert appointed by the prosecution. The specialist then prepared a written report which was able to establish that our client would have known nothing about the accident. This therefore provided our client with a full defence and we served a copy of the report on the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) who were prosecuting our client in this case. Outcome: After considering the report the CPS offered no evidence and the charges were dismissed. Value to our client: He saved a fine, the risk of a disqualification or the imposition of penalty points, increased motor insurance premiums and in addition to that the Court also ordered that he was reimbursed his legal costs.