Driving at excess speed

Mr A was charged with driving at excess speed (speeding) Instructions from client: Mr A had 9 penalty points on his licence. His work for a Charity required him to undertake a significant amount of driving. The Charity itself was predominantly reliant upon him to perform its charitable work. Maximum Penalty: This charge carries between 3 and 6 penalty points and a maximum fine of £1,000. Because our client already had 9 penalty points on his licence the Court would have to disqualify him for 6 months under the "totting up" procedure unless he could show that by so doing he would suffer exceptional hardship. What we did: Representing him at his court hearing, and with our advice he was able to obtain evidence from an independent representative of the charity for whom he worked. We presented this to the Court as part of our client's argument to dissuade them from disqualifying him. Outcome: The Court considered this evidence together with Mr A's evidence and took the view that if he were to be disqualified then exceptional hardship would ensue and for that reason did not impose a disqualification. Value to our client: Although by the end of the hearing he had more than 12 penalty points on his licence, Mr A did not lose the use of that licence.