Cases in the Small Claims Court

The small claims procedure is a quick and simple way of using the Court service to resolve disputes.  It is informal and the procedure mirrors to some extent the normal County Court procedure.  It encourages litigants to bring a case without Solicitors representation, as even if you are successful, your solicitors costs will not be recoverable.

All sorts of claims can be brought in the Small Claims Court, as long as they are not valued above the applicable threshold – this currently stands at £10,000. Therefore, claims that may be worth several thousand pounds will now be allocated to the 'small' claims procedure.

At Sarginsons Law, we recognise that bringing any court action can be a daunting prospect and with the threshold at £10,000, some very valuable claims may not be pursued, for fear of becoming involved in the legal system. Therefore, we have developed a 'Fixed Fee' menu, which enables our clients to pick and choose the services they want to use. We understand that some clients will feel confident in tackling the process, with only minimal input from ourselves and using this service, they need pay only for the help that they require. Other clients will feel more comfortable with our full involvement, and will be able to easily calculate exactly how much that service will cost.

Our Fixed Fees are detailed below. We have a wealth of experience dealing with County Court litigation, so if you want further information regarding this service, please don’t hesitate to contact us .

Claims in the Small Claims Court – Fixed fees


Claim Value £0-£2,500

Claim Value £2,501-£5,000 Claim Value £5,001-£10,000
A Initial Interview (30 mins) Nil Nil Nil
B Written advice & letter before action £150.00 £200.00 £250.00
C Completion of court claim form or Defence £150.00 £200.00 £250.00
D Complete Allocation questionnaire £50.00 £50.00 £50.00
E Dealing with directions & preparation of witness statements (max. 3) £200.00 £300.00 £400.00
F Pre hearing advice (where client doing own advocacy) £50.00 £50.00 £50.00
G Advocacy (per half day) £300.00 £300.00 £300.00


  1. VAT is payable on all the above.
  2. Client is responsible for payment of additional Court Fees & necessary disbursements.