Criminal Damage

This client faced one charge of criminal damage to the windscreen of a police car. The prosecution had evidence from an independent witness who said that our client had quite deliberately punched out the windscreen and shattered it. Our client in his interview with the police was adamant that he had not done this although he admitted stumbling against the police car. There was significant damage to the windscreen said to have been caused by our client delivering one punch to it but there was no injury to our client's hands or fists that supported this evidence. Our client pleaded not guilty and the case went to trial. He was able to direct us to a total of five or six potential witnesses all of whom we interviewed. We took the view that three of them were particularly helpful to our client's defence because they had actually seen the incident and corroborated what he had had to say. The other three had been there but had not seen the circumstances of the alleged offence. When the case came to court our client pleaded not guilty and the case was listed for trial. The trial itself went over a period of two full days. Our client was found not guilty. He had been eligible for legal aid and so we represented him accordingly. The outcome was of particular importance to the client due to his employment which, had he been convicted, might have been in jeopardy.