Crown Court

The majority of criminal cases will begin and end in the Magistrates' Court. However, there are certain cases which are deemed serious and must be dealt with by the Crown Court. Also, there are certain cases which are "triable either way" which means that they can be dealt with either in the Magistrates' or the Crown Court.

If your case is one that will be dealt with by the Crown Court then it is vital that you are represented. The Crown Court is the forum for the more serious allegations where the facts and the legal principals involved are often very complex. The services of a barrister will almost always be required and the case will be heard before a Crown Court Judge and Jury.

Our specialist Crown Court Team is expert in dealing with matters in the Crown Court. They will meticulously prepare the case, interview witnesses, arrange expert evidence and for a specialist criminal barrister to represent you. The Crown Court powers' of sentence following a conviction are greater than those in the Magistrates' Court and therefore, representation is essential so that your rights and interests are properly protected.

In most cases you will not be charged for our services as they will be paid for by the Legal Services Commission, (formerly the Legal Aid Board). However, the rules regarding funding in the Crown Court are different to those in Magistrates' Court and in certain circumstances you may be ordered to pay something towards the cost of the case by the judge.

Please contact us for more information about funding. If your or a relative require advice and representation in the Crown Court whether that be for trial, sentence or appeal and need legal advice contact Sarginsons Law.

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