Legal Aid

We at Sarginsons Law have a contract with the Legal Services Commission which entitles us to carry out Legal Aid work in criminal matters on behalf of clients who qualify for funding. Different rules apply to different categories of work. Please see the information below for a further explanation.

Police Station Funding
Whenever a person is arrested and detained at a police station, he or she is entitled to free and independent legal advice. What this means is that a person under arrest at the police station can receive advice and assistance from our qualified and accredited lawyers without costing them a penny. The Legal Services Commission will pay our fees on your behalf.

Magistrates Court
The rules are slightly different in the Magistrates Court. There is a two stage test that is applied to ascertain whether a client is entitled to free legal representation in the Magistrates Court. Those tests are the merits test and the means test. The merits test decides whether it is the interest of justice that a client should receive funding. If you are in receipt of Income based Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support or Guaranteed State Pension Credit or your means fall short of a statutory limit then you will pass the means test. It should be noted that most minor motoring matters fall outside of the legal aid scheme.

Crown Court
There is no means test in the Crown Court. If your case is dealt with by the Crown Court then you will almost certainly be granted legal aid. However, there are certain circumstances where a client will be ordered by the Judge to pay something toward the costs of bringing the case.

Legal Aid Reports

The Legal Services Commission undertakes to review the quality of the work we perform for clients under Legal Aid. These reviews look at a number of cases we have completed and grades us accordingly. We have been reviewed in 2010 and 2015. A summary for each review can be found below.

Legal Aid Report - 2010

Legal Aid Report - 2015

Legal Aid Report - 2019

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