Bus Company Admits Liability

We were approached by Mrs M in October 2011 after she had been injured in a fall on a Bus. She had been getting up from her seat, on the top deck, as the bus had approached her stop when the bus driver braked sharply. She had been thrown against a seat and hurt her right hand. More than anything Mrs M was embarrassed that she had ended up on the floor and was keen to get off the bus as soon as she could. She did not mention the fall to the driver but fortunately as she was gathering herself at the bus stop an inspector came along and she mentioned the incident to him. After two days of discomfort Mrs M went to the Hospital only to discover that she had actually fractured her wrist. She approached us to see if she had a claim for compensation as the fractured wrist meant she would be off work for 5 weeks. We agreed to take act for Mrs M on a no win no fee basis even though she had no idea why the bus had braked sharply and we had no witnesses to say whether the accident was the drivers fault. Indeed as Mrs M was traveling on a bus route she was not familiar with it was unlikely we would ever find any witnesses. If the bus had braked to avoid a car then there was a chance that a claim to the Motor Insurers Bureau would be successful if it had been the other drivers fault, but if the bus had taken action to avoid a pedestrian or cyclist we were unlikely to have anyone to claim against. Mrs M's prospects of receiving compensation for her injuries were almost impossible to assess. Mrs M had retained her bus ticket, the bus had a security camera video on it so we were able to show that she had been on the bus and after we applied some pressure on the Bus company to explain how the accident happened they admitted that their driver had braked too sharply as he misjudged the approach to the stop. Mrs M was awarded £3,500 compensation for her wrist injury and was paid the earnings she lost while she recovered. Her legal costs were paid for by the insurers.