Why use a Solicitor to make your Will?

By Gerard Davis

Many people will have seen cheap Will writing services advertised in their local paper on the internet or even in their local supermarket. Generally these services are prepared by unregulated will writers who operate from home or on a franchise basis.

These Will writers state that they can visit you at home and prepare your Will for as little as £30.00, which on the face of it may seem very reasonable. However these services can end up costing hundreds of pounds in additional charges or potentially thousands of pounds because Wills have been incorrectly prepared.

Will writers often charge an annual fee for the storage of a Will and also try to sell additional services such as insurance policies to cover the cost of administering a deceased person's estate. Some Will writers also suggest that they should be the Executors of the Will for which they will charge a further fee. Often these additional services are completely unnecessary.

In some circumstances will writers do not prepare wills correctly and do not have professional indemnity insurance to protect you and your beneficiaries against mistakes.

The Law Society have commissioned a survey of solicitors regarding will writers, the results of the survey can be found in the following link


At Sarginsons Law we can prepare a cost effective Will which is  extremely small by comparison to the legal costs which can be incurred by sorting out the problems which may arise not taking into account the stress and delay in administration. We also offer free storage of your Will in our secure storage room.