Restaurants, pubs and clubs

By Richard Paremain

The common denominator for all of these places is alcohol. You can almost guarantee that if you have an accident in here then the owner's insurance company will suggest that the accident was caused by the consumption of alcohol. Often that may be the case, and if you are drunk, and have an accident that is simply caused by being drunk, it is highly unlikely that you can blame anyone for selling it to you!

Commonly these venues are prone to slipping accidents with liquid being spilt on the floor or broken glass left lying around. Even without other injury, it is common for someone to fall on broken glass or injure themselves on the glass they are holding when they slip.

Owners of pubs and clubs are under the same duty as owners of any other premises, and in some ways a greater duty because of the likelihood that people frequenting them will have consumed alcohol. That is after all their purpose.

The owners are allowed a reasonable time to clean up any spills. This means acting immediately once they are aware of a hazard and having routine checks by staff, often the glass collectors, to report and deal with any spills.

Only too often however, in a busy and sometimes crowded environment, these checks get overlooked and people slip. They might have a claim if they can establish with the help of witnesses how long the spill had been present or how many inspections there were. They can be challenging cases but good witness evidence can swing things in your favour.