Construction & Use

By Chris Bailey

There are a whole raft of offences under what are known as Construction and Use Regulations.  Some of these regulations can be highly technical and many carry the imposition of penalty points.  Perhaps the most common example is the use of a vehicle with defective tyres.

As the title implies these regulations seek to deal with the commission of offences both in connection with the construction of motor vehicles (such as a a car being driven with a bald tyre) and the use of vehicles (such as a lorry being driven whilst loaded dangerously).

As has already been indicated a good number of these offences are of a technical nature.  Some offences within this category carry statutory defences, again some of which can be of a technical nature.

Some offences within this category carry penalty points and some, if deemed serious enough, can carry disqualification in their own right.  In either case of course a court is able to consider any arguments of special reasons that might apply.