Breaking down the barriers

By Ian Cox

In the eyes of the general public, the press and the media solicitors seem remote and only interested in prolonging matters to increase their fees.  Not all law firms fall into this category.

Many law firms provide a service which is efficient, effective, and affordable but these firms can be hard to find. TheLawForum aims to provide a first step in solving legal issues with initial legal advice free of charge and the opportunity for the general public to pursue matters by contacting participating law firms.  The advice will be specific and will give the applicant professional guidance on his or her situation.  

Law firms interested in joining TheLawForum and participating in offering free legal advice can do so by simply registering here.  TheLawForum and it's services are totally free to both the general public and law firms. 

The general public are able to contact law firms but the law firms are unable to contact individuals without their consent. Contact details are not published and therefore law firms can only contact members of the public when invited by them to do so.

What is offered here among other things is a portal to advertise your expertise for free.  There is no question of fee sharing.  It is there for you and all lawyers totally free of charge.