Slips and Trips

Many people who trip over on a poor area of pavement, will assume that if they are injured, they will be able to make a claim for compensation. It is often not quite so straight forward. However, you have the legal right to expect that any public place or office, street, shop or even private buildings are free from slippery surfaces or things which might cause you to trip.

The most common cause of slips and trips are broken paving slabs and uneven ground. Trips and slips on a road or footpath are usually the responsibility of the local Council. However, people often overlook the fact that they can claim if they trip or fall at work, in a supermarket, restaurant or shop. If a floor is left wet, if something is spilt , not cleaned up or protrudes and trips you, there may well be a claim for compensation.

The key to these cases is establishing that the person or people with responsibility for where you fell, knew, or ought to have known, either themselves or through their employees, that there was a potential hazard and did not take appropriate steps to fix the problem.

The best thing someone injured in this way can do, is take photographs of where they slipped or of what it was that caused them to fall. These will help the solicitor in establishing that somebody was aware of the hazard and no steps were taken to warn people to be careful or to correct the position.

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