After The Event Insurance (ATE)

'After the event insurance' is the name given to an insurance policy taken out by your solicitor to cover the defendant's legal fees. It is called 'after the event' because it is taken out after the accident.

The losing party, in any claim for compensation, will be required to pay the winners legal fees. Hopefully you will win your claim, but if you lose you will have to pay your opponents legal fees. As legal fees can often be expensive, clients need to know that they will not be asked to pay for their opponent's legal representation. Whether this might be court costs or solicitor fees, we arrange an after the event insurance policy, (ATE), which will cover these fees in the event that the claim is not successful.

The cost of this insurance premium is, like the solicitors fees, paid only at the end of the claim and if you win, the defendant's insurers pay it for you. If however, you are unsuccessful, you have to pay nothing towards the premium as this is self insured, meaning you have insurance cover at no cost to yourself. The policy will also cover any payments to others, that your solicitor has to make, (such as to medical experts).

The risk taken by solicitors on these cases does mean that they will try their very hardest to win a claim for you, but also means that they have to carry out an assessment at the start, to see if there is a viable case before proceeding.

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