Accidents at Work

Your employer, no matter where you work or who you work for, is under a duty imposed by law to take all reasonable steps to try to make you safe in the workplace. This is the idea behind 'Health and Safety', to ensure and maintain certain minimum standards.

Both, before you start work and during your employment, your employer must carry out risk and safety assessments to make sure you have safe conditions and equipment and to put right any problems that they may find. You are entitled to expect to work in a safe environment with the correct equipment for the job, with appropriate and adequate training for both yourself and your fellow employees. This ensures that both you and your workmates can work safely without fear of hurting yourself or others.

Safety procedures should be set up and made clear to employees, who in turn are under a duty to follow them. Employers are under a duty to make sure that all employees follow these procedures. Likewise if procedures are not being followed or there are risks due to a lack of training, equipment or other health and safety issues, employees should report them and employers should listen and act upon those reports appropriately. If these duties are not followed and an employee is injured, there may well be a claim for compensation, even in cases where the employee may be partly the blame.

It is not just people working in factories or building sites that are injured at work, office employees are often the victims of accidents. No matter where or when they are hurt, and whether the injury is physical or psychological, employees should always report an injury to their employers as soon as possible.

Every employer is obliged to keep a record of accidents and many have to be reported by them to the Health and Safety executive. It is also important to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Many workplace injuries lead to time off work and loss of earnings. In many cases we can put you in touch with the best medical care to get you back into work as soon as possible.

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