Accident Investigator proves to be the key

Sarginsons Law Personal Injury department were instructed by a Miss T following a head on car crash in which she received a fractured ankle and her car was written off. The accident was unusual in as much as the cars were traveling in opposite directions, had collided at no more than 10 or 15 miles an hour, neither driver was over the drink drive limit, the road was otherwise clear, well lit and the weather was fine. Both drivers blamed the other. The road was more than wide enough for the cars to pass and yet they had managed to hit almost head on. Both drivers said that the other had come onto the wrong side of the road. What was even more unusual was that they both ended up on the same side of the road facing in the same direction, one of the cars had spun round so it was facing back in the direction from which it had come. With both drivers giving opposite yet almost identical accounts it was very difficult to try to work out what had actually happened. To assist in unraveling the mystery we instructed an Accident Reconstruction Expert to see if he could work out what had happened. He considered the Police reports, the witness statements and photographs of the damage to both vehicles. He also looked at the accident scene and measurements taken of the cars and the road. He came up with an explanation. At the time of the accident there were parked cars on either side of the road. None of these had been damaged. In order to spin around completely one of the cars must have hit the other at an angle and then turned around the point of collision as though that point was a pivot. This meant that at some stage the car that spun must have been at 90 degrees to the other car. Because of the widths and lengths of the cars the one that did not spin must have been on its own side of the road when they collided otherwise the one that did spin would have hit the parked cars mid spin. Our client's car did not spin, she must have been on her side of the road. Without a plausible explanation otherwise the other drivers insurers paid our client compensation for her lost car and her fractured ankle. Without the input of an Accident Reconstruction Expert or independent witnesses what actually happened would have remained a mystery.