Legal Aid Report 2019

The Legal Services Commission have recently undertaken an independent Peer Review Report to grade the quality of the legal advise and service supplied by us. 15 files where chosen by them at random. The review assessed Sarginsons quality of work at Competence Plus, the second highest level attainable under this review system.

Compentence Plus is defined as "indicating that the provider is conducting work to a high degree of competence."

Below is a selection of the findings of the Peer Reviewer on these 15 files:
 • There was good client care evidenced on all files in the sample. Clients were updated regularly on their case and offered appointments to discuss and provide instructions. Letters were detailed and provided appropriate information on the advice and developments in the case. 
 • It was positive to note that a number of the files had evidence of the file reviews being conducted by the provider. These reviews identified the progress of the case and whether any remedial action was required. 
 • On all police station files in the sample, the provider reported to the client in a timely manner, setting out the outcome in writing to the client. The provider outlined in detail the disclosure from the officer, the client’s instruction and detailed advice on the evidence. Where appropriate the client was advised on applying for legal aid. 
 • On all files in the selection where the provider had used counsel, the provider used the same set of chambers and often the same senior barrister. The provider would ensure counsel wan instructed early in the case. Although the provider had not sent an initial brief to counsel. The provider throughout the case had a very proactive relationship with counsel as to the management of the case. This was not a provider that could be described as a post box for Counsel. 
 • The provider ensued on all files that the clients’ expectations were met. There was good evidence of appropriate tactics being used in the sample. 
 • On all files in the selection the provider demonstrated a clear understanding of legal issues and ensured that all cases were conducted appropriately and client’s results were either as expected or better than expected.